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~ Wind Symphony Carnegie Hall Trip ~
May 25-30, 2006
[For Additional Info See Carnegie Hall, NYC, Concert Series Website]

Flight Info | Dinner Cruise Tickets | Concert Tickets


*** New York Trip Itinerary ***

Thursday 5/25

6:30 PM

Arrive Logan band room. Verify luggage and equipment identification.

6:45 PM

Busses and truck arrive. Load luggage and equipment into truck.
Please see flight list to determine which flight you are on.
Bus #1 - Continental Airlines Flight
     Flight A - Continental, Flight #749, SFO to EWR (Newark, NJ)
     Departs SFO 10:35 PM, Thursday, May 25
     Arrives EWR 6:53 AM, Friday, May 26
     4 Staff - 3 Chaperones - 42 Students
Bus #2 - American Airlines Flight
     Flight B - American Airlines, Flight #18, SFO to JFK
     Departs SFO 10:00 PM, Thursday, May 25
     Arrives JFK 6:18 AM, Friday, May 26
     1 Staff - 1 Chaperone - 19 Students

7:15 PM

Depart for SFO

7:45 PM

Arrive SFO and begin checking in.

Friday 5/26

7:00 AM

Arrive NY
Each flight will have 1 bus assigned to pick them up.
The busses will converge at a predetermined stop for breakfast.
All students will be given $5 for breakfast.

9:00 AM

Arrive Battery Park to board ferry for Statue of Liberty tour.
(Tentative plan is to be on the first ferry that departs at 9:30 AM.)

11:30 AM

Depart Liberty area for South Street Seaport for shopping and lunch.
All students will be given $10 for lunch.

2:30 PM

Depart for hotel.

3:30 PM

Arrive hotel and check in.
Hilton, NY
1335 Avenue of the Americas (from 53rd Street to 54th Street)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 586-7000
Once we have checked in to the hotel, students need to be in their own
rooms resting, cleaning up & preparing to go to dinner on the way to
the New York Philharmonic.

5:30 PM

Depart hotel for dinner on the way to hear the NY Philharmonic.
All students will be given $15 for dinner.

8:00 PM

NY Philharmonic curtain time.
Lincoln Center, corner of 65th & Broadway.

10:30 PM

Depart Lincoln Center, return to hotel.

11:30 PM

All students to be in their rooms and Lights Out!

Saturday 5/27

7:00 AM

Get up and eat breakfast prepared by the chaperones.

8:00 AM

Depart hotel for rehearsal (we will be walking).

9:00 - 11:00 AM


11:30 AM

Return to hotel to change clothes.

12:30 PM

Depart hotel for picnic lunch in Central Park.

4:00 PM

Return to hotel, clean up and prepare to depart for dinner on the way
to see "The Spelling Bee". (We will be taking the subway for this event.)

8:00 PM

"The Spelling Bee" curtain time.

11:30 PM

Depart Broadway for hotel.

1:00 AM

Lights Out!

Sunday 5/28

9:00 AM

Get up and eat breakfast prepared by the chaperones.
Get dressed to depart for rehearsal. We will be going from rehearsal
immediately to see "The Light in the Piazza". Students should dress
accordingly as we will not be returning to hotel prior to this performance.

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM


2:00 PM

Depart rehearsal for a walking trip to see the "The Light in the Piazza".
Lunch will be provided by the chaperones on the way.

3:00 PM

"The Light in the Piazza" curtain time.

5:30 PM

We will stop for dinner on the way back to the hotel together as a
group at a restaurant. Reservations are currently pending.

9:30 PM

Arrive hotel. All students to be in their own room.

11:00 PM

Lights Out!

Monday 5/29

8:30 AM

Get up and eat breakfast prepared by the chaperones.

2:00 - 5:30 PM

Dress Rehearsal (Carnegie Stage).
(Actual start & finish time will be adjusted.)
Dinner provided by the chaperones at the hotel while students are
preparing for the performance.

6:30 PM

Depart hotel for performance.

8:00 PM

Carnegie Hall Concert.

10:15 PM

Busses depart for pier.

11:00 PM

Board Spirit cruise ship.

11:30 PM - 1:30 AM

Cruise New York harbor.

1:30 AM

Busses return to hotel.

Tuesday 5/30

9:30 AM

Get up and eat breakfast prepared by the chaperones.

11:45 AM

Flight "A" meet in lobby for departure to airport.

12:30 PM

Bus arrives for Flight "A" passengers only (bag lunches on the way).
Flight A - Continental, Flight #41, EWR to SFO
Departs EWR 3:35 PM, Tuesday, May 30.
Arrives SFO 6:59 PM, Tuesday, May 30.

7:30 PM

Collect luggage and proceed to group pick up area to board district
busses and load luggage & equipment into truck.

8:30 PM

Flight "A" arrives Logan, unloads and goes home.

11:45 AM

Flight "B"
Luggage for this flight will be stored while we go to lunch.

2:15 PM

Return to hotel and prepare for departure to airport.

2:30 PM

Board bus and depart for airport.
Flight B - American Airlines, Flight #177, JFK to SFO
Departs JFK 6:00 PM, Tuesday, May 30.
Arrives SFO 9:28 PM, Tuesday, May 30.

10:00 PM

Collect luggage.


••• Flight Info
The group will be on two separate flights.
Flight A - 50 Seats - M/M Barrera, J. Chen, K. Wallcave & B. Haney
     5/25 - Continental flight - #749, Departing SFO to EWR 10:25 p.m., arrives 6:43 a.m.,Thursday 5/25
     5/30 - Returning flight - #41, Departing EWR to SFO 3:35 p.m., arrives 6:59 p.m., Tuesday 5/30
Flight B - 21 Seats - L. Valdes & V. Ballard
     5/25 - Amer. Air. flight - #18, Departing SFO to JFK 10:00 p.m., arrives 6:21 a.m., Thursday 5/25
     5/30 - Returning flight - #177, Departing JFK to SFO 6:00 p.m., arrives 9:28 p.m., Tuesday 5/30

••• Carnegie Hall Tickets For The Wind Symphony May 29th Performance!
The special Discount Tickets Offer to the May 29th Wind Symphony Performance at Carnegie Hall ended on May 5 and is no longer available. If anyone still wants tickets they must be purchased directly from Carnegie Hall at 212-247-7800 or http://www.midamerica-music.com/carnegie/carnegie_ticket.htm.
Questions please contact Kathy Wallcave at wallcave@pacbell.net.
-- Kathy Wallcave

••• Carnegie Dinner Cruise
After the Wind Symphony performance at Carnegie Hall, there will be a dinner cruise. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, according to the form, tickets must be purchased no later than 30 days prior to the performance. If you want to try and get tickets, send in your form this week! -- Kathy Wallcave
Cruise Tickets
       Each package participant, performer or non-performer, will receive a ticket for the harbor cruise after the concert. There are cruise tickets available for purchase on a first come, first served basis for your guests. The cost of the cruise, the buffet supper, bus from the concert hall to the pier and back to the hotel is $85.00. Please make checks payable to MidAmerica Productions and mail them directly to the office, along with a note specifically explaining the concert date (May 29th), the cruise date (May 29th), the number of tickets requested, and the name of the performing group you are associated with (Logan Wind Symphony). These tickets will then be given to the directors in New York for distribution.
For additional information contact John Liepold <jliepold@midamerica-music.com> at MidAmerica Productions.

*** Dinner Cruise Order Form PDF ***

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