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~ FUNDRAISING 2005-06 ~

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Fundraising Notes
Bread Braids - As you know, this was a mandatory fundraising for all band and color guard students. If your student did not sell the required 10 items, you would see the balance billed in your student account this month.
Fireworks - It's not too early to start planning for our 4th of July Fireworks Fundraiser. With July 1st & 2nd falling on the weekend, we anticipate one of our best years yet! Watch for more information coming soon!


Dear Community Member: To help the community, Safeway gives back to non-profit organizations up to 3% of your purchases when you shop at Safeway using your Safeway Club Card. To help us raise money through this generous program, please take a moment to go to www.escrip.com. Just click on the Sign Up, It's Free link. Then click on the Group ID button and enter our Group ID Number - 148993959. From that screen, follow directions to enter your Safeway club card number and enroll in the eScrip program to become a James Logan High School Band and Color Guard supporter. This will help us receive hundreds of dollars for our wonderful band and color guard students and this, at NO COST to you. Thank you so much for your support and please encourage your friends, relatives, and co-workers to sign-up with us. Just pass this information on to other supporters, and don't forget to shop at Safeway using your Safeway club card.
Yours truly, Carole Simard
James Logan Band Boosters eScrip Coordinator,
James Logan High School, 1800 H Street, Union City, CA 94587
Questions or more info, please contact Carole Simard

Signup with eScrip and make money for the Logan Band & Color Guard! It's free, easy and powerful. Here's how:

  1. Go to the eScrip signup page at eScrip.com
  2. Enter our Group ID# 148993959
  3. Click on Signup

Quick jump for NEW SUBSCRIBERS
Registered eScrip supporters, please renew your commitment today!
If you have a Safeway, Vons or Pavilions club card, you must renew your registered cards by 11/1/05. It only takes a minute, and there is no cost to you! Please visit the eScrip web page to renew and continue earning money for our Band & color Guard.
Quick Jump to RENEW your Safeway, Vons or Pavilions club card.


Donate Your Vehicle
and Make Money for
the Band & Guard!

       If you have an old or used vehicle (car, truck, boat, RV, trailer) you are planning to sell, please consider donating it to make money for our Band and Color Guard. Who knows, it may even be more benificial in terms of tax savings for you to donate instead of sell. The Logan Band Boosters is already registered for this program so all you need to do is click on the above graphic (or here) for more information and a complete explanation of how this works. It's easy and there is absolutely no cost to you.
Questions? Please contact eScrip Coordinator, Carole Simard.


*** ATTENTION STUDENTS ***   The Coupon Book Fundraiser has been extended until the end of October. Please direct any questions to Coupon Book Coordinator, Diane Orsetti, at DOrsetti@chevron.com.

Logan Band & Color Guard Coupon Book Sale

       We are offering a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to benefit school parents, teachers, students and the merchants. It was a huge success last year!
*** Cost: $20 Each
*** Savings of Over $200
*** 50% Profit to Student Accounts

For each coupon book sold, the student gets $10 deposited into his/her student account!
       Consumer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and they make excellent gifts. Buy 2 or 4 to give to Business Customers! Lots of discounts to some of the most popular restaurants in Union City, including Tony Roma's, Chevy's, IHOP, TGI Friday's, TOGO's, Texas Roadhouse, Taqueria Sol Azteca, KFC, Papa Murphy's, Cafe Bellisimo, Jamba Juice, The Rose Garden! Coupons are good for ONE YEAR!

       Where to Sell -- Parents, Neighbors, Relatives, Family, Friends, Business Associates. Parents can help by taking orders at work.
       Contact Diane Orsetti (DOrsetti@chevrontexaco.com) for coupon books and more information. Students may contact Diane at home (471-6779), or at the football field whenever the band rehearses (including Band Camp). She will be available one half hour before the end of rehearsals. All money should be turned in to Diane. She will have coupon books at all the rehearsals, and will give them out as soon as she receives the orders. The sale is scheduled to run through the end of September.
Download and Printout: Coupon Book Order Form PDF | Coupon Book Cover Sheet PDF


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