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Little Yosemite
Sunol Regional Wilderness, Sunol,CA

Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from park headquarters. It is an especially attractive portion of this creek. Its gorgeous waterfalls and pools seem to attract cub scouts like a magnet.

Hike Description
The Canyon View Trail is an excellent hike for Cub Scouts and a great way to get to Little Yosemite. The trail begins near the Visitor Center, at the bridge that crosses the creek. After crossing the bridge, turn right and head upstream. The Canyon View trail is well marked.

The trail goes up a ridge (or two) and proceeds along the hillsides that border the creek. Along the way, you'll see some nice views of the creek and canyon. About halfway, the trail drops down into Jacobs valley. Stay on the trail until you get to Cerro Este Road and turn right (toward the creek) and follow the road to Little Yosemite. When you get to the outhouse on Camp Ohlone Road, cross the road where you will find a path that will take you down the very steep sides of the creek's banks, to the ancient piles of boulders called Little Yosemite.

This is a perfect place for boys to study rocks and have lunch. Remember collecting specimens is not allowed. Watch for poison oak.

Hikes can return the same way they came, or via the Ohlone Road for a different view of the park. To return via Ohlone Road simple climb back up the bank to the road (stay on the trail), downhill. Notice how different the vegetation is here by Alameda Creek, compared to the Canyon View Trail. Eventually you will cross a bridge, pass a gate and find yourself in a remote parking area. Stay on the paved road all the way back to the Visitor Center.)

Historical and Natural Features
The original inhabitants in the Sunol Valley were the Ohlone Indians and reminders of them can be seen in the acorn pounding bedrock mortars found in the park. For the past half century, the land known today as Sunol Regional Wilderness was used almost exclusively as ranch land.

Alameda Creek is the county's largest stream and hosts an attractive community of trees including alder, willow, sycamore and bay laurel. The nearby valley abound with coastal live oak, blue and valley oak, elderberry, madrone, and California buckeye. During spring, the hills come alive with a variety of colorful wildflowers. A wildflower identification kit may be checked out at the visitor center.

Little Yosemite is a scenic gorge on Alameda Creek about two miles upstream from park headquarters. It features giant heaps of metamorphic boulders, the results of ancient rock slide (see "Guided Tour Through Parts of Sunol Regional Wilderness" available at Headquarters for a dollar). The gorgeous waterfalls and pools here seem to attract cub scouts like a magnet. It is important to know that there is no swimming allowed in Alameda Creek in the Little Yosemite area.

For more information, see this heading under the Flag Hill hike.

East Bay Regional Park District
2950 Peralta Oaks Ct.
PO Box 5381
Oakland, CA 94605-5369
(510) 635-0135 (General Info)
(510) 862-2244 (Sunol Regional Wilderness Headquarters) Call this number to reserve the "School Camp" for your group.

Hike statistics
Distance: 4.5 miles
Time: Allow about 3 hours for the hike and activities.
Grade: Gentle rise in elevation. A few moderate slopes for short distances.
Suggested age:
Suggested season:

AAA "Alameda-Contra Costa Counties," "Fremont Newark and Vicinity."
EBRPD folder "Sunol Regional Wilderness" is available at the park entrance.

By Car: From Fremont area drive north on Highway 680 to Calaveras Road. Turn right on Calaveras go about 4 miles to Geary Road, which leads directly into the park. After passing the kiosk at the park entrance, turn left and park near the headquarters.

Park Facilities
Old Green Barn Visitor center contains many nature displays
Picnic Areas (tables, grills, water, portable rest rooms)
Naturalist-led weekend programs include walks, slide shows, panel talks and occasional long hikes. See notices at Visitor Center for details.
Overnight camping sites are available on a reservation basis by calling (510) 636-1684. There is a fee per night. "School Camp" can be reserved by calling Sunol Headquarters (510) 862-2244.

Limitations and Cautions
There is a fee for parking and a fee for dogs.
There is poison oak in the park.
Watch for ticks and snakes.
The hillsides are sometimes steep, the boys must stay on the trail.
Little Yosemite is open to the public through a lease agreement with the San Francisco Water Department, which owns the property. Please abide by the boundary signs and do not trespass into Water Department lands that are not part of the lease.
Swimming is not allowed in Alameda Creek in the Little Yosemite area.
Mountain lions make their homes in this Wilderness Area, so be sure not to leave little ones unattended.

Activity suggestions and other comments
Before starting your hike, be sure to check out the nature exhibits at the Visitor Center. Here you can find free brochures to help with bird and tree identification, and "Guided Tour Through parts of Sunol Regional Wilderness," Which has lots of information on local geology and is available for a dollar.

You might want to have the boys pack a picnic lunch - Little Yosemite would make a great "lunch stop."

Advancement Opportunities

Tiger Cubs:
Discover Nature and Energy

Achievements: 7a, 8e, 10b, and Electives 13a, 13d, 18a, 18b, 18f, 18g

Acheivements: 5d, 10a, 12b, 12c, 12e, and Electives 11a, 11b, 12a, 12c, 12f, 23e

Forester, Naturalist, Traveler, Family Member


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