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This is our Family Contract for 2008. We are asking all team families to agree
to these provisions when they sign up for the team. If you have any questions please contact
team president,
Joanna Houghtelling. Copies will be available at signups.
You can also
download a copy in PDF format from this web site.
NOTE: There have been some changes regarding how your deposit will be handled.
Please read item 9 below.

Southgate Penguins Family Contract
Parent's Agreement
1. I acknowledge that I or another adult member of my family must work one (1) shift at each swim meet including championships.

2. I agree to drop off my child no more than ten (10) minutes prior to the start of his/her scheduled practice and to pick up my child promptly at the end of his/her practice time. In the event I am staying for swim practices, I agree to supervise my other children.

3. I agree to be present at all swim meets, including championships, in which my child will be present.

4. If my child will not be able to attend a swim meet, I agree to notify the coaches NO LATER than the Monday BEFORE the scheduled swim meet. If my child will not be attending championships I will notify the coaches by July 1st.

5. I acknowledge that our Swim-A-Thon is a mandatory team fundraiser requiring a minimum pledge of $25.00 per swimmer, even if my child is unable to participate.

6. As the team uniform is the specified team suit, my child will wear the designated team suit at all swim meets and picture day. To guarantee delivery before our first meet the team suit must be ordered by May 1st.

7. I understand that the coaches are not to be disturbed during swim practices and/or swim meets.

8. I have read and agree with the Champ/Dual Meet 100 Policy.

9. I agree to submit a deposit of $150.00 in the form of a check as security for this agreement. I further agree that I will forfeit $25.00 of my deposit for each violation of the above rules. I understand this is a permanent deposit check which will be cashed and will remain in effect from year to year as long as my family remains with the team. When my family retires from the team or we decide to leave for whatever reason, the deposit will be returned, less any money subtracted for rules violations. Note: All families must have a balance of $150 in their permanent deposit at the beginning of each season. If money was subtracted from your deposit for infractions you will be required to pay this amount before the beginning of the next season in order to register for the team. A family with more than four (4) violations of this agreement in one year will not be allowed to return to the team.


Please Print Family Name: _______________________________________________________


Email Address: ________________________________ Phone: _________________________


Parent Signature: __________________________________ Date: _______________________



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