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Penguin Families,
       This year our team roster will once again exceed 100 members. Since league rules changed a few years ago allowing ALL swimmers on a team's roster to score points in dual meets, having a large team means being able to fill out our relay events thereby increasing our point scoring potential. However, EBSL rules state that only 100 swimmers from each team will be allowed to swim at Championships (the big meet at the end of the season where all EBSL teams compete). Unfortunately, this means that some of our swimmers must be excluded from participating at Championships.
       The Executive Board and coaches have conferred on how best to deal with the issue of choosing the swimmers for championships and have created a policy for selecting these 100 swimmers, or "Champ 100," which gives due consideration to each swimmer based on a variety of important factors of team membership.
Southgate Swim Team Policy for Selecting the "CHAMP 100"

The Southgate Champ 100 are those 100 swimmers selected to participate in the EBSL Championship Meet at the end of the season.

Coaches' Guidelines:

The Champ 100 swimmers will be selected by the team coaches according to the following guidelines. Listed in order of importance, they are:

  1. Ability to score points.
  2. Age group balance.
  3. Dedication, number of meets and practices attended.
  4. Number of years with the team and senior/graduating status.
  5. Team spirit and overall attitude.


  • In order to be eligible for championships, swimmers must participate in at least 4 dual meets during the season.
  • The Champ 100 roster will be posted at the club prior to being submitted to the league.
  • In cases where there is disagreement with the coaches' selection, swimmers/parents must contact the coaches for an explanation. Should this not lead to a satisfactory outcome, cases can be brought before the Executive Board for resolution. The decision of the Executive Board will be final.
Southgate Swim Team Policy for Selecting Swimmers for Dual Meets
When Restricted to 100 Swimmers

       League rules state that the home team may restrict the visiting team to 100 swimmers when necessary, for purposes of conforming to the rules of the home team's pool regarding time constraints, parking, club capacity, noise, etc. When we are the visiting team under these conditions, the coaches will use the guidelines above for selecting the 100 swimmers who will participate in the dual meet.

Please direct all questions and concerns you may have regarding this policy to our team Executive Board.
Thank you.
Your Team Executive Board,
Joanna Houghtelling, President
Chris Reese, Vice President
Lisa Johnson, Treasurer
Valerie Vasquez, Secretary
Ray Jackson, EBSL Representative
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