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Senior Patrol Leader: Kunal S
Assistant SPLs: Jimmy G, Paras S, and Rushil C
Scoutmaster: Randy Heald
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Payment Reminder - due April 1st - Summer Camp 2015 Camp Noyo
Week of July 12th - 17th, 2015

Hello Scouts and Parents,

Our Troop is registered with the Redwood Empire Council summer camp at
Camp Noyo the week of July 12th - 17th, 2015

Redwood Empire Council does not discriminate regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital or family status, political beliefs, and parental status.

If your son will attend Boy Scout Camp with the Troop please note the following:

Camp Noyo - The clear blue waters and the tall redwood trees make Noyo the picture perfect camping location for any Scout unit. With most of the meals cooked in the camp site the challenge of balancing meal preparation and keeping the troop on schedule has tested a few troops that have visited our camp.

For the Redwood to Waves Trek we have the group size to be no more than four adults and twelve scouts. As we are contracting with five local vendors for the camping, horseback riding, Kayaking river and Ocean, transportation and deep sea fishing and supplying the food and equipment from camp. Scouts must be at least 15 years of age and hold the rank of First Class or above in order to participate in the TREK.

More information can be found at the following web address:


Youth - $275.00
Adults - $130.00

Redwood to Waves Trek 2015
Youth - $525.00
Adults - $525.00
(Scouts must be at least 15 years of age and hold the rank of First Class or above in order to participate in the TREK. Limited to the first twelve scouts who pay their deposit)

Fee Schedule

April 1, 2015 - Deposit of $100.00 due for each adult and/or youth.

May 6, 2015 - Camp Balance Due $175 for youth and $30 for adult.

May 6, 2015 - Trek Balance Due $425 for youth and/or adult.

Make checks payable to BSA Troop 110, deliver to Assistant Scoutmaster Tim Rodden before the due date.

Tim Rodden, ASM
Summer Camp Coordinator

James H Eagle Project -- Looking for Donations

Hello Scouts and Parents,

I have been trying to go forward with my Eagle project but I have had very little success with the local lumber yards and hardware stores.

For those that don't know here is some information about my project:

The benefactor of my Eagle Project is Faith Ringgold Elementary School in Hayward, CA. Faith Ringgold Elementary School is an award winning school for growing their own fruits and vegetables and using them to supplement their school lunch program. Their program not only provides nutritious food to the students but it also teaches students about gardening and good eating habits.

The gardening and growing area Faith Ringgold Elementary School is a wide, sheltered area in the middle of the school. In the past, teachers have taught lessons in the classroom and then had to move outside to the garden. My project will be to build and place four octagonal tables, with umbrella shades, in the garden area of the school. I believe that having the tables near the garden area, and having visuals while the teacher is teaching, will create a better teaching environment and improve student learning.

I will be asking for help with the building portion of my project next month but I am currently a long way away from being able to purchase the needed materials.

I would be very grateful for any assistance with any amount of funds that you or your friends might be able to provide for my Eagle Project. Because both Faith Ringgold School and the Boy Scouts of America are both Non-Profit organizations any donation you make should be tax deductible. Your assistance and thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated.

Donations can be made by check and written to Troop 110. If you want to see pictures, want more details, or are unable to donate by check you can go to the following website:


Unfortunately, if you donate through the above website there is a 5% fee, plus a $2.49 service fee tacked onto each donation. So the preferred way to donate to this project is to write a check to "Troop 110" and write on the memo line "For James Heald's Eagle Project"

Your assistance and thoughtfulness is deeply appreciated. Thank you for your time.


James Heald
(send email to

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Troop Mtg
***Location - CERT office (located behind Fire Station #31) at
33555 Central Ave, Union City
Bicycle MB

Kunal S
Randy Heald


Senior Patrol Shooting Campout

Kunal S
Randy Heald


No Troop/PLC Meeting
Spring Break



James H. Eagle Project, 9am to 4pm

James H


PLC @ 7:00 PM, Troop Committee @ 7:45 PM
***Location - Union City Fire Station #30 at
35000 Eastin Court, Union City

Kunal S
Randy Heald
Desiree Moreno 


Spring Camporee Rancho Los Mochos



James H. Eagle Project, 9am to 4pm

James H


Troop Mtg
***Location - CERT office (located behind Fire Station #31) at
33555 Central Ave, Union City
Bicycle MB

Kunal S
Randy Heald


NYLT Leaders Stave Cutting



10 Mile Bike Ride, 10am to noon



Troop Mtg
***Location - CERT office (located behind Fire Station #31) at
33555 Central Ave, Union City
Personal Fit











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