Union City, CA / Fremont, CA / Newark, CA / Hayward, CA
Senior Patrol Leader: Ayush K
Assistant SPLs: Aaron K, Sam S, and Trevor A
Scoutmaster: Sandeep Kundra
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updated (9/1/2015)
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Help request for NHUSD, Sept 9 Back to School Night and Sept 15th

Hello Troop 110 parents.

I have received a request from Scout Executive for the MP district, Justin Brown to see if we can contact Delaine Eastin school and setup an information table to collect the contact information of families who would be interested in joining the Cub Scouts.

This aligns with one of the requests we have from St. Anne's Church to help them start a cub scout pack. With Cub Scout pack 263 at Eastin school not in operation, having another cub scout pack will help those families have another option for starting in Scouting.

In addition, we also need staffing for an information table at the Union City library on Sept 16th, 4-6PM for the same purpose.

Please let me know if you can help with these outreach activities.


Sandeep Kundra
Scoutmaster, Troop 110

From Kundra family: Thanks for all the help and support

Hello Troop 110:

Troop 110 rocks!!! A big thank you to all the scouts and adults who generously gave their time on Sunday to help Ayush with his Eagle Scout project.

We know that some of you had prior commitments, but still stopped by to help out as much as you could. The help, expertise and enthusiasm went a long ways toward completing the assembly and painting part of the project.

Some help is still needed next Saturday, Sept 5 for installation of the benches at MSJE school.

Many Thanks


Kundra family

The Rocket Jamboree: Sign-Up and Info

Hello Troop 110,

At the July 29 troop meeting, I did a presentation on the basic aspects and parts of building and flying a simple model rocket. This was to get ready for building our rockets for the Rocket Jamboree. The Rocket Jamboree is a weekend event where scouts get to launch solid-fuel rockets. Here's some basic information on the event for any scouts wanting to join.

What: Building model rockets as a troop and going to the jamboree to fly them.

When: October 4th and October 5th are the launching days. Meeting dates to build the rockets will be sent out very soon in follow up emails.

Where: The jamboree is at a ranch on Walnut Ave. near Oakdale. The Rocket Jamboree website has maps and directions. The build meetings will probably be held at Mr. Autenreith's, but that is not definite, so expect a follow up email with more information on the build location soon.

Who: Any scout from the troop can join! Keep in mind, the kits do cost money, so be ready and willing to pay for your rocket kit if you want to participate.

If you want more information about the event or have any questions, you can contact me or go to the Rocket Jamboree website. Here's a link:

No one signed up at the troop meeting, so please email me if you would like to participate (
here's my contact info).

Thanks! I'm truly excited to build with you all and see your rockets soar!

More information will be given at next week's troop meeting!


Aaron K

City Beach Campout

Hello Troop 110,

I am sending this email to know if anybody would be interested in an overnight stay at City Beach. it would include rock climbing, games like pool or air hokey, and use of the courts for basketball or dodgeball. If you are interested, please email me back (
here's my contact info). I would like for at least 25 people (scouts and adults) to join.


Rushil C

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Updated 9/1/2015
S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 5

Troop Mtg
St. Anne's Church

Ayush K
Sandeep Kundra


PLC @ 7:00 PM, Troop Committee @ 7:45 PM
St. Anne's Church

Ayush K
Sandeep Kundra  
Desiree Moreno 


Rim Rover Hike - Mt. Diablo

Sushil/Ethan O.


Troop Mtg
St. Anne's Church

Ayush K
Sandeep Kundra


Troop Mtg - Indoor Rally Practice
St. Anne's Church

Viraj K
Ayush K
Sandeep Kundra


Advancement Camp
Contra Costa Co. Fairgrounds 5pm

Bailey A.


Patrol Meetings

Ayush K
Sandeep Kundra



















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