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Senior Patrol Leader: Alex T
Assistant SPLs: Ayush K, Kunal S, and Michael T
Scoutmaster: Randy Heald
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updated (7/15/2014)
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Troop Fundraising - July 19 and August 16

Hello Scouts and Parents,

Once again we have been provided an opportunity to earn funds for our troop. We have been invited back to help direct traffic and park vehicles during two events at Cliff Walkers ranch in the Fremont hills.

The two events are scheduled for July 19 and August 16. The scouts will be needed from approx. 2pm to 7pm and dinner is provided as part of this event. We will need 6 to 8 Scouts on each date, $25 will go into each participating scout's troop account and the balance of the donation will go into the general troop account

Because of the danger in directing and parking cars this detail is only available to scouts who hold the rank of FIRST CLASS and above.

Sign up for these two events will be on a first come first serve basis. Please email me or contact ASM Sandeep Kundra, during the next two troop meetings, if you are interested in signing up to assist in these events.

Because funds will be going to participating scout's troop accounts participation will be initially limited to a particular scout signing up for only one date. If all the slots for a date do not fill up then the slots will be opened up to others at the discretion of the Scoutmaster.

Please contact me by email if you have any questions or wish to sign up for one of the days.


Mr. Randy Heald
Scoutmaster, Troop 110

Personal Gear for Summer Camp

Hello Scouts and Parents,

For those going to Summer Camp here is a list of suggested personal gear that you should bring to camp:


At camp, the official BSA field uniform (tan Scout shirt, Scout shorts or pants, Scout socks, cap & belt) is appropriate dress at any time. Troops should wear their full uniforms for Interfaith Worship Services, morning and evening campwide flag ceremonies, and meals. A BSA activity uniform (troop T-shirts and Scout shorts) is appropriate for daytime wear.


Please use the Boy Scout Handbook as a guide for personal gear to bring to Camp Winton. You will need to have a Backpacking pack for this camp. Pack your gear like a regular backpacking trip as you will have a 1-mile hike into the forest to visit Camp Winton. Remember to bring a mess kit and two water bottles and be sure to pack your TEN ESSENTIALS.

Weather is unpredictable throughout the summer months in the High Sierras; it may change quickly. Generally the days are warm (80s-90s F) and the nights are cool (40s F). However, there may be unexpected lightning, thunder storms, rain, hail, wind and/or snow. A scout is prepared! Bring a jacket or a windbreaker for evenings and make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen for the daytime.

All scouts will be required to do a swim check first thing upon arriving at camp. Please make sure you don't forget your swimsuit and towel. Water shoes might also be beneficial for some merit badges or just playing around in and along the lake front.

Please feel free to contact your summer camp (acting) SPL Emilio Angeles with any questions concerning summer camp gear.

The troop also has several spare Backpacking packs so If you need to borrow a Backpacking pack for camp please contact Scoutmaster Randy Heald.


Mr. Randy Heald
Scoutmaster, Troop 110

AdvanceCamp New Addition, LIVE Class Enrollment Counts!

Hello Scouts and Parents,

Advancement Camp is quickly approaching and it will be held Friday night, 9/26/14 through Saturday 9/27/14 at the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds.We had a good turnout from our troop last year and many merit badges were earned that weekend.

We will be registering as a troop with an anticipated deadline to reserve your spot of 7/31/14. Cost for Advancement Camp (prior to 8/1/14) will be $42 per scout. After that date cost goes up to $52.00 per scout.

The below email shows that some of the merit badge classes are already filling up. Please look at the attached email and select your merit badge choices from the list of available classes.

Remember, this is an overnight campout event starting Friday evening and will end with our return on Saturday night. If you plan on attending please RSVP with Jimmy Guo and advise him of which merit badge class(es) you wish to sign up for.


Mr. Randy Heald
Scoutmaster, Troop 110

--------- Forwarded message ----------

From: AdvanceCamp Registration ?<advancecampregistration@yahoo.com>?
Date: Sun, Jul 13, 2014 at 12:34 PM
Subject: AdvanceCamp, new addition, LIVE Class Enrollment Counts!
To: AdvanceCamp Registration <advancecampregistration@yahoo.com>

We now have LIVE class enrollment information for you to follow so you can check to see which classes still have openings!
Follow this link which is also available on the Registration page of the AdvanceCamp web site.

We are only 12 days into Registration, but we already have over 500 class spaces taken.

You will notice on the right hand side of the report, it tells you how many spots each class has remaining, some classes are large (Cit's with 120 each), and some are small (Game Design with 12, Drafting with 8). If you have any Merit Badge Counselors that are willing to teach any MB's at Camp, please have them register on the Volunteer page of the Camp website.

We can't wait for the largest AdvanceCamp ever, and our 15th Year!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Sheryl Wayne
AdvanceCamp Registration

Mark Your Calendars! Also See Troop Calendar
Look for further information regarding each activity as the dates approach.
Updated 7/15/2014
J U L Y   2 0 1 4

Troop Mtg
***Location - CERT office (located behind Fire Station #31) at
33555 Central Ave, Union City
NYLT participant Viraj and Trevor will lead scouts (NYLT goal) Lashing/Knot tying practice

Alex T
Randy Heald
Viraj & Trevor  


Fourth of July Parade Event - 9 am. Eagle Scouts will lead with Flags. Troop members will march as a separate unit. More info here...
(Independence Day)

Alex T
Randy Heald


PLC @ 7:00 PM, Troop Committee @ 7:45 PM
***Location - Union City Fire Station #30 at
35000 Eastin Court, Union City

Alex T
Randy Heald
Desiree Moreno 


Service Project - Quilt Show at Ohlone College Newark campus. Set up from 8:00 AM to noon

Randy Heald


Geocaching Hike - Tollman Peak (Garin Park) 5 mile hike - 9am to 1pm

James H


Troop 110 Summer Camp Gear Check Mr. Chan's at 9:00 AM

Emilio A

Thomas Bercasio Eagle Court of Honor - Niles Veteran's Hall, 2:00 PM

Bercasio Family 


Troop Mtg
***Location - CERT office (located behind Fire Station #31) at
33555 Central Ave, Union City
Patrol competition. Possible BBQ & change in location (Seven Hills Park)

Alex T
Randy Heald
Viraj & Trevor  


Troop Fundraiser - Parking Cars at Cliff Walker Ranch, 2pm - 7pm

Alex T

All Week

Summer Camp at Camp Winton

Tim Rodden




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